We are one of the largest Argentine growers and exporters of high-quality fresh cherries during the south hemisphere season. We have been delivering quality certified products for over 20 years to the highest standard markets. 

In Southern Crops by Rio Alara, we are very passionate in what we do, we believe in continuous improvement throughout strong ethical teamwork and innovation mindset.

Strategic supplier

We grow our cherries in two productive locations; Central Argentina Alto Agrelo Mendoza, where our early orchard is located and in Patagonia Los Antiguos, Santa Cruz we harvest our late orchards.

Due to the latitudinal length between our Orchards, our customers can benefit from an extended harvest season, pleasing their high-end consumer from mid-November up to Late March. This means we are the only grower capable to offer high quality fresh Cherries during a continuous 5-month calendar.

Productive Quality

We work very hard to preserve the quality of our harvest and extend our products shelf life, certainly quality is our focus and for what we develop quality control action through our entire production, packing and delivery process.

We seek to offer excellence and consistency through high quality products, and we understand this is the only way to meet our customers’ expectations.

Added Value

We manage an integrated production process, where in Southern Crops By Rio Alara we grow, pack and sale our Cherries, taking care of the whole supply chain gives us the leverage of meeting high quality standards, cost efficiency, maximize our returns and take care of our environment and community.

We aim for continuous improvement by analyzing, year after year, our final product, each stage of the process, making the necessary modifications in the packaging lines and procedures.

Due to our value of continuous improvement, year by year we work very hard in improving every stage of our production process, from our Orchards to our Pack houses.

International Certifications

From our beginnings we have been working under the strict requirements of international certifications. Today export our products under the globally recognized labels of: Global GAP y GRASP, HACCP, Tesco Natural Choice and “Alimentos Argentinos una Elección Natural”.

global-gap SGS Nurture Nurture

Health facts & Nutrition

  • Good for the body, heart and soul: Cherries have anti-aging capabilities due to the high presence of antioxidants, not only they protect the aging of the organisim but also cherries protect the nervous system and cardiovascular system.
  • Get better skin care: cherries are proven to be a great source of vitamin A and Vitamin C, an ideal combination for skin care. Also, Cherries help to reduce celulitis by improving our microcirculatión. El caroteno que posee también ayuda al bronceado de la piel.
  • Helps to reduce rheumatism pains and arthritis: through cherries anti-inflammatory capabilities they are able to reduce several body pains and ease arthritis.
  • Loses some extra pounds: by adding cherries to your diet, you will be more sated due to their high fiber content, water input and by increasing potassium intake. This superfruit will also add a high intake of vitamins.

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