Our Packhouses

To achieve our products, we work within a highly integral productive circuit, in which optimal quality attainment throughout our entire productive process is our main engine. Today our 2 state-of-the-art packaging facilities are able to receive large volumes of harvested fruit and process such goods via a line equipped with optimized selection and classification technology. This enables us to classify our products by size, color, quality via the use of optical and pneumatic systems that automatize the processing activity.
Another characteristic of our packaging facilities is the design and montage of our fundamental cooling system. This allows us to maintain our fruit at remarkable low temperatures throughout the whole production chain, guaranteeing high quality arrivals due to the achievement of optimal distribution conditions. Our hydrocooling system allows us to attain an optimal cold temperature for the fruit that is further provided via transporting the fruit through cold water during the classification stages. We also account for air-conditioned environments in our packaging room, box assembly room, as well as cold storage rooms for our unprocessed material and finished products.

Planta de empaque - Tunuyán (Mendoza)

Total area 1.800 m2

Location Ruta Nacional 40, km 3222

Cooling chamber 1: 40.000kg capacity

Cooling chamber 2/Packhouse 60 pallets

Planta de empaque - Los Antiguos (Santa Cruz)

Total area 2.400 m2

Location RA2 Viñedo "La Juanita"

Cooling chamber 1: 40.000kg capacity

Cooling chamber 2/Packhouse 200 pallets

“Our quality control team follows every cherry through the entire packing process, from field reception with technical measurements to the final product control before its delivery to our customers."

Our technology

Hydrocooling: contamos con la última tecnología de enfriamiento precámara donde mejoramos sustancialmente la vida post cosecha de nuestros productos

- Capacidad de proceso: 2500 kg/h

4 de líneas de selección primaria en cintas de transporte (5 en los Antiguos)

2 líneas de sellado atmosférico

Cámara de Guarda con alta potencia de enfriamientos y dock de carga/salida con frío.

Laboratorio de control de calidad equipado donde logramos obtener resultad

Equipamiento de clasificación Unitec Unical_200 Cherry Vision con tecnología de detección de defectos