Our orchards

In Southern Crops by Rio Alara we produce the best cherries in the southern hemisphere thanks to the outstanding work of our staff and the location of our farms, which offers us excellent conditions for the development of our cherry trees.

We begin at “Alto Agrelo” in Mendoza, land historically well known for being the largest producer of cherries in the country by taking advantage of providing highy quality fruit from early in the season.

Then, in the valley of Los Antiguos, Santa Cruz province, we benefit from a very special microclimate that offers excellent qualities for the development of cherry production.

Technology in our orchards

Drip irrigation system - Frosting protection system - Wind protection curtains

Alto Agrelo - Mendoza

  • Total area: 104 ha
  • Planted area: 81 ha
  • 2 productive areas
Santina 33
Lapins 22
Royal Dawn 11
Bing 6
Frisco 5
Brooks 4
Total 81

The Ancients - Santa Cruz

  • Total area: 112 ha
  • Planted area: 97 ha
  • 8 productive areas
Sweet hearth 41
Lapins 40
Kordia 12
Regina 9
Bing 6
Other 4
Total 112